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We go further - not only heat and power, but also the production of biochar is possible!


Our biochar producer

Continuous development has always been our ambition for better ways. Kuntschar Energieerzeugung now opens the door to a new era, not only in power generation but also in the production of biochar. And with only one system.

The aim is also to produce biochar addition to the production of eletricity and heat.

The question of the performance or use of the generated heat is answered with our biochar producer - ny owner-occupation.

Is biochar producer of recyclable material of the future?
The value of material is to be efficient and economical and produce fewer emissions. Applicable on biochar from biomass.

Our research shows that it is much more effective, instead of burning biomass to use the pyrolysis for energy and produce biochar. Pyrolysis of biomass is an exothermic process that necessary heat and biochar production allows..

The useful and beautiful at the bioenergy is that it based on their environmental performance, is largely CO2 neutral and hence does not contribute to accelerating climate change.
However, this applies only if the biomass at its growth and harvest site (decentralized) is converted into thermal and electrical energy as close as possible. To this end, our Biochar offers to producers. Biochar can expand this transport radius and thus open up the bioenergy from solid biomass a larger field of application.

Our biochar producer in construction


Next thought ... biogas plants

The economic viability of biogas plants is highly dependent on the energy recovery concept. In rare cases, this is accomplished. When using our biochar pgenerator to bioenergetics partnerships form. Particularly fruitful at this point is cooperation when complement the input materials of the two plants or not competing for the same energy plants.


Our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier

Now Kuntschar Energieerzeugung opens the door to a new era of electricity.

Our goal: use of residues from agriculture, but also ohter carbonaceous solids, quick amortization

With our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier we achieve the goals.



You can find more information about our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier here.


Do you already have a wood gas plant? Are you your fuel costs too high? We have the solution.

Expand your system. Upgrade for our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier.

The following ist a sample preparation. Here is our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier was retrofitted to an existing wood gas system.



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