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We have a blog! And you do too?


Kuntschar Energieerzeugung has put its wood gas blog online.


Topping out ceremony


Construction of the new production location takes shape.


Schubbodentrockner von  Kuntschar Energieerzeugung

Biochar-gas generator


The biocarbon gas generator operates according to the principle of direct current gasification of wood chips or biogenic residues (input material). The advantage of this reactor is that the production of biocarbon is carried out in a continuous process and at the same time a usable synthesis gas is produced. For this purpose, the input material is converted into biocarbon by means of pyrolysis at temperatures of up to 1200 ° C. The energy required for this is generated by the combustion of the resulting gases, so that no energy supply from the outside is required. In order to ensure complete degassing, the biocarbon is then passed through a pyrolysis tube, so that a low-pollutant biocarbon is produced. The resulting synthesis gas can be used for heating purposes or for generating electricity in a CHP module.


  1. Continuous synthesis gas and biocarbon production by process in continuous operation
  2. Full utilization of wood chips or biogenic residues to biocarbon
  3. Active climate protection, since CO2 is permanently bound in the carbonization of the biomass
  4. Generated waste heat is regenerative energy and can be used for heating and drying purposes

The compact biocarbon gas generator is an ideal solution for the decentralized recycling of different biomasses and the production of high-quality plant coconut with its low installation effort, its high degree of efficiency and its reliability.