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We have a blog! And you do too?


Kuntschar Energieerzeugung has put its wood gas blog online.


Topping out ceremony


Construction of the new production location takes shape.


Wood Gasification with Kuntschar Energieerzeugung

Fuel feed

Complete solution - not just for wood!


In addition to our facilities, we also have the fuel supply in the program. We have a private walking floor drying system in different sizes included. Even normal walking floor systems we can supply. These systems are optimally adapted to our wood gas system.

The special feature of our sliding floor systems is that any other company has to dry that organic substrates, can work with our slidnig floor. While we use it for our wood chips, the drying of the logs is possible.

Existing systems can be upgraded depending on the spatial conditions at any time.





The scope of the sliding floor drying system its defined organic substrates to remove the moisture to prepare them for further processing. To get an optimum heating value, our wood chips need "air distaff be". Our dryer creates this perfectly. The system works with the warm air, the drops in our system. In this way, we increase the efficiency once more. The sliding floor can also use your heat source to dry your organic subtrate, if you are operators such. As a biogas plant.

For more information please contact them directly with us.

The pictures show you the Kuntschar walking floor ST20 and ST40 dryer incl. Optional accessories and custom paint. Depending on location, the dimensions of various components may vary and are determined individually