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Imprint/General terms

§ 5 TMG:

(subsequently called KE)
Waldecker Str. 28
D-34466 Wolfhagen-Ippinghausen

Tel.: +49 (0) 56 92 / 99 77 39-0
Fax: +49 (0) 56 92 / 99 77 39-20

E-Mail: info@kuntschar-holzgas.de
URL: www.kuntschar-holzgas.de

VAT identification number DE249776466

Trade register / City
     Magistrates Court Kassel
Trade register number  HRB 14013
Domicil                           Wolfhagen

Director                          Walter Kuntschar, Kerstin Hollenbach


Media credits:
All pictures, audio or video data of this website were made available by Kuntschar ENERGIEERZEUGUNG GmbH. Media data of other originators are titled separately. The duplication of the image date on analogue and or electronic way is not allowed without the approval of KE.

All graphics and logos shown on these websites are the sole property of their legal proprietors. The Kuntschar ENERGIEERZEUGUNG logo is Kuntschar ENERGIEERZEUGUNG GmbH registered trademark.


Please note continues:

The material shown on my page and shown pictures, graphics or videos of Kuntschar products or components are illustrative and do not allow conclusions to be individually planned and implemented systems to. Rather, subject construction and design in the course of continuous advancements sometimes optical changes.

Sample systems or their components therefore illustrate exemplary ways the. The converted on the home page animation is intended to give an overview of exactly these possibilities and therefore contains corresponding features and additional features.