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Fear of energy costs? We have the solution...


The Kuntschar wood gas system starts the next period of the evolution…

The costs for firewood constantly rise and have some influence on economy from wood gas systems. Continuous development was and is our endeavor after better possibilities. Kuntschar Energieerzeugung opens the door to a new age of the electricity generation.

Our aim: Use of inferior combustibles, fast amortisation which can be expected that the subsidies are decrease.

With our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier we reach the aim!

The Multi-Fuel-Gasifier works with inferior fuel. To commitment can come residual materials from the agriculture for example dried dung, straw or other carbon containing material. in the agriculture these materials must be disposed costly. The acquisition cost for the Fuel are very cheap and one receives still money for the disposal or the use. additionally one receives for simultaneous production from electricity  and heat some more earnings whereby the vield climbs.

With our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier can the fuel costs reduced over up to 56%. Thus the yield increases of 13,7% to 17,9%.

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For more detailed information

Explore our website! Here you will find all the essentials that are of significance to you. Investigate the areas of Wood Gasification and Reduction Gasifier and read about how a wood-gas power plant works.

The components

You can find important information about the components of a wood-gas system in the Kuntschar System and Kuntschar ST 20/40 (German) sections.


Good planning

Investment in a wood-gas power plant must be carefully planned. The section TIPS before purchasing (German) lets you know what is important, what should be considered and what should be clarified.


For your safety

Reports and Awards
(German) is the section which demonstrates to you how well-engineered and advanced the Kuntschar wood-gas system is. You will be convinced!


Innovations and news

You will find interesting facts about Kuntschar and many interesting things related to our sector under News. Please also visit our Holzblog ("Wood Blog", German), in which we write about topics to do with the environment, research, science and of course the energy turnaround - not just about wood-gas!

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