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Biomass for the Kuntschar-Reduction Gasifier

Kuntschar-Reduction Gasifier

  • In the Kuntschar-reduction gasifier physical-chemical gasification processes known from theory were realised practically. For this the Boudouardic equilibrium and the hydrogen equilibrium of the reactions between oxidation and reduction during the generation of wood gas are adjusted in such a way that hardly no unburned hydrocarbons respectively tar distillates occur in the wood gas. 
  • The optimisation of the catalytic gasification process in the several zones is reached by the fully developed gas reduction zone (charcoal – stock of embers) in the gasifier. Thus an additional effort for a gas washing to cleans the wood gas of tar distillates and unburned hydrocarbons and the disposal of contaminated residues isn’t necessary. Therefore an inexpensive dry cleansing process can come into operation.
  • Above all the Kuntschar-reduction wood gasifier is characterised by a high gasifier performance capacity. At a relatively small gasifier space of about 0,5 m³ a fuel consumption of 0,7 loose cubic metres respectively approx. 165 kg/h in the gas-motor CHP an electrical capacity of up to approx. 150 Kwel is changed into eco electricity and 230 Kwth (thermal) is changed into bio heat. This happens at a maximum wood gas production with corresponding current wood being rich in gas.

    Additionally occurring quantities of waste heat in the field of the air cooling (engine-CPH and wood gas cooling) can be used at the continuous wood chips drying.

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