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Cleaning system

Before the wood gas comes to the gas motor-CHP (combined heat and power plant) for combustion the wood gas gets cleaned and cooled in a dry-cleansing process.

At this the solid ashes and charcoal slack contained in the wood gas are cleansed of dust particles in a combination of cyclone—high temperature fine filter (hot gas filtration). Before now the pure wood gas is directed to the gas engine the wood gas is cooled via an air-gas cooler. Together with the exhaust air (emission heat of the sound cover of the engine CPH) the this way released heat emission can be used for the continuous wood chip drying.

This dry wood gas cleansing system to generate wood gas is in the case of the Kuntschar – reduction gasifier particularly possible due to the fully developed charcoal ember – reduction zone converting (“cracking”) and reducing the generated oxidation products and smouldering gases to almost a 100%. Hardly any liquid condensates occur.

As operating power for the engine the purified wood gas is now burned with air-oxygen in the motor CHP with the aid of a lambda-regulation for the compliance of emission requirements.

The ashes and charcoal chippings occurring during the combustion are continuously gathered in an ash pan (residue disposal). The operating party is responsible for its disposal. The mineral ashes can be used for neutralisation of forest soil whereby the natural cycle is closed again.