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The wood chips gasifier fuel with a max. humidity of 15% and a size of 30-70 mm used in the reduction wood gasifier is introduced from a reservoir via a conveyer belt into a valvular lock in the upper gasifier space. The process is effected depressurised in co-current-flow via the several reaction zones – drying-pyrolisis-oxidation-combustion (gasification) of the wood. The injection of air-oxygen as a means of gasification (sub-stoichiometric gasification) is supervised continuously.
During the combustion of the wood chips oxidation products (CO2 und H2O) emerge. In the ember charcoal (reaction zone) these are changed into their chemical components hydrogen (H2), methane (CH4) und carbon monoxide (CO). A part of the water disintegrates into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), which immediately enters a connection with the carbon of the charcoal to carbon monoxide (CO).

All these complex and chemical reactions take course under the induction of energy (exothermic process) partly simultaneously or in succession, until the Boudouardic equilibrium for CO2/CO and for the generation of water gas H2/CO is reached (endothermic process)

Doing so a low grade gas with a low heating value (1,4 – 1,6 kWh/Nm3 ) is generated and directly burned in a gas engine to activate a generator. The public network is supplied with the generated current, the heat is used sensibly.