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Our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier


Clean, cheap and renewable...


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wood gas systems for sale!


Clean, cheap and renewable...


The Kuntschar wood gas system heralds the next phase of evolution...

The cost of firewood have enormous influence on the efficiency of wood gas systems. Continuous development was and is our effort for better opportunities. Kuntschar Energieerzeugung now opens the door to a new era of power generation.

Our goal: use of residues from agriculture, but also ohter carbonaceous solids, quick amortization

With our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier we achieve the goals.



You can find more information about our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier here.


Do you already have a wood gas plant? Are you your fuel costs too high? We have the solution.

Expand your system. Upgrade for our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier.

The following ist a sample preparation. Here is our Multi-Fuel-Gasifier was retrofitted to an existing wood gas system.



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