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We have a blog! And you do too?


Kuntschar Energieerzeugung has put its wood gas blog online.


Topping out ceremony


Construction of the new production location takes shape.


Energy systems with a future: economically and ecologically sensible through high-temperature gasification


People need electricity and heat. The possibilities for production are manifold. We have specialized in this.

The core competency of Kuntschar Energieerzeugung is focused on the development, construction and sale of Energy and recycling systems.

From the planning stage through the production of all the required system components to the appropriate installation of the system, the Kuntschar customer is supplied with everything from a single source.

Our products are:

- Wood Gasification >

- Multi-Fuel-Gasifier >

- Biochar-gas generator >

- Fuel feed >

- CHP >


Finishing from biomass to biocarbon


There is more than just rainy energy in biomass: our biocoal gasifier is used to refine your wood chips or biogenic residues to biocarbon. In this way, you produce a popular product with a wide range of applications and gain heat energy for further use.

Whether in the garden, in agriculture, in animal husbandry, in viticulture or in the biogas plant:
Biocarbon offers long-term benefits for soil, environment and also the climate.


The biocarbon gas generator: The compact all-rounder

The biocarbon gas generator is an ideal solution for the decentralized recycling of different biomasses and the production of high-quality plant creeks.

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